Our Mission

To advance the concerns of the New Rochelle business community, to provide benefit to its membership, and to ensure that New Rochelle presents an environment that supports growth and prosperity.

About the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce

The New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1922, is committed to advancing the concerns of the New Rochelle business community and the economic vitality of the city. It provides a variety of services to its members and is an active participant in governmental affairs. The Chamber works closely with the city of New Rochelle and the Business Improvement District (BID) to promote economic development and market assets of New Rochelle. Members are encouraged to participate.

The Chamber lobbies actively on behalf of the businesses it represents to ensure that New Rochelle provide a favorable environment in which to operate a business or profession. Our numerous events have enhanced city life for many years.

The Chamber of Commerce of New Rochelle is a voluntary, multifaceted organization composed of business firms, professional men and women and public-spirited citizens. The Chamber’s primary concerns are publicizing and developing commercial and industrial opportunities, seeing to the needs of its membership and promoting the City of New Rochelle.

The New Rochelle Chamber is ….a clearing house…a complaint bureau….an information center…a business ethics/consumer-interests bureau…a legislative watchdog service…a business and community promotions agency – and much more.

    • A Thanksgiving Parade Committee which meets annually to design, construct floats and to stage Westchester’s only Thanksgiving Parade.
    • An Events Committee which meets to produce networking opportunities for business professionals such as our Business to Business Table Top Expo, Open Mic Nights and Networking Roundtables.
    • An Annual Recognition Dinner Dance Committee which meets to discuss and formulate a program which traditionally pays tribute to a special segment of the community.
    • A Finance Committee which meets annually, or when necessary, to formulate the Chamber’s budget.
    • A Women of Excellence Awards Dinner which meets to depict professional women in the community nominated by the community.
    • A Nominating Committee which selects the nominees to serve on the Board of Directors.
    • A Program Committee which meets to screen and discuss advertising and promotional activities designed to stimulate the business community.
    • A Professional Administrator’s Day Planning Committee which is composed to formulate an annual luncheon and to establish the recipients of the professional administrators fund raising programs.
    • A Speakers Event Committee which contributes information on the functions of the Chamber of Commerce, the services of its members and discussion on prevailing and future plans of the City of New Rochelle.

Q. Who runs the Chamber of Commerce?

The chamber is run by its members through an elected board of directors who hold bimonthly meetings to discuss upcoming issues and initiatives in which the chamber will be involved. The officers of the board of directors comprise the executive committee. The job of the
executive committee is to review potential new programs and members benefits and to make recommendations to the board of directors. The board of directors sets chamber policy and hires the executive director who is the chamber spokesperson and community liaison of the organization. The chamber executive director, along with a professional staff, assists in implementing the policies of the board.

What does a Chamber of Commerce Do?

The variety of chamber activities is virtually unlimited and changes to meet the needs of the business community. Its overall mission of business and community development is reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Who Pays for the Chamber’s Operations and Activities?

Membership investment in the chamber is based on a fair share formula and is the major portion of the organization’s income. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and the future of New Rochelle. Any business or individual sharing a common interest in community improvement and development is eligible for membership.

How the Chamber’s Resources Used?

Your membership investment helps the chamber work on projects and programs in the areas of governmental affairs, community development, economic and business development, and member services and programs. Under these areas, committees and task forces implement the chamber’s plan of action.

May I Use the Chamber Logo on My Business & Company Literature?

Certainly, though you must be a member in good-standing and current with membership dues. Words and phrases such as “affiliated with or endorsed by” may not be included. If you are in doubt, please check with the chamber office.

May I Advertise on the Chamber of Commerce’s Website for Wider Exposure?

Look for information on our website advertising structure coming out soon. There are opportunities to “banner’” your company or business name throughout our website. You have our commitment that we will direct as many residents and associates to our website so that your image becomes part of who we are!

May I Advertise on the Chamber of Commerce Bus Stops Displays for Wider Exposure?

Yes, the Chamber of Commerce Display Advertising Program is managed by InspiraMedia. Download the Bus Stop Display Advertising Media Kit for further information.

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