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We are the leading voice and most effective advocate for business policy and connections in the entire New Rochelle area. Our objective is to join individuals who share a common vision of a thriving economy, business growth and job creation.







We provide opportunities to get to know other Chamber Members through networking events, referrals, introductions as well as representing you to the City of New Rochelle.







We have our finger on the pulse of our Queen City. We help update, advise, and enlighten our members of historical and current information. We provide needed materials to help run or conduct business in the New Rochelle area.







Knowledge is power and through our educational programs we can provide you and your business associates with the knowledge to succeed through strategy and insight.






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Annual Dinner Dance

6:00 pm — 10:00 pm
@ The Davenport
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Aaron Kershaw is our talented photographer. His Grand Opening is May 14th. All are 914.632.5700 for more information.

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Visit this site to have a say in New Rochelle's development downtown.

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These Pictures are form the first 30 minutes of this event. Our photographer Aaron had to leave to attend another event.

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